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Our vision is to create a happy, strong Australia where health awareness is the forefront of society!

In a post COVID-19 world, health awareness is key.

What We Do

We ignite passion within students about health and their bodies from a young age! Through various immersive workshops curated by medical professionals and run by current health science students, Bodyworks helps students develop skill sets and grow as healthy individuals. Our engaging programs are targeted for primary school students in Year 5 and 6. We wish to inspire these young people to ensure the adults and leaders of tomorrow are informed of how to lead a healthy lifestyle and aware of some of the major global healthcare issues they will face. We aim to provide some scientific insight into the processes of the human body to interest and motivate students!

Our Team

Our facilitators that run the workshops are all university students who are currently studying the health sciences. Many are medical or optometry students, whilst others are studying the Bachelor of Science/Biomedicine, with a focus on human anatomy or physiology. It is safe to say they are an integral part of the current health curriculum. Our content is overseen and curated by esteemed medical professionals. They are leaders and pioneers in their field, and work alongside us to ensure that the content we provide is current, and moulded towards the needs of young children! We are all volunteers! Our team has one unique goal of ensuring a long-term impact in the Australian youth community.

    • Medical Expert

    Medical Expert

    We regularly consult with medical professionals in each field to ensure our content is relevant and up-to-date!

    • School


    We run a series of online school workshops that run over a 50 minute class period. These workshops cover many different aspects of health that complement the school curriculum. Schools can choose any of the following workshops to conduct in class.

    • Volunteer Team

    Student Team


    • Get Involved

    Get Involved

    Health and wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility, and there are numerous ways to get involved and join us in our mission to promote health awareness!

    Sponsor Us

    Our sponsors are passionate community organizations and business who believe in the vision of Bodyworks’ and want to support us in reaching out to as many Victorian Primary schools as possible.
    Bodyworks offers a range of opportunities for businesses to get involved, through sponsoring school visits, providing equipment and materials and much more. We are currently looking for partners who may be keen to support our mission!

    • Join our Team

    Join our Team

    At Bodyworks, we are always looking for passionate volunteers to participate in our program!
    Volunteering is a fantastic way to see first hand the tangible impacts that health education can have on young students and is an incredibly rewarding experience! Throughout the year, there will be several opportunities to get involved in our school-based program so keep a look out as these events get organised for further details on how to take part!

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